Welcome to Fairhaven

March 13, 2023:

An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared by Peterborough Public Health on our Riverside Special Care home area. There are currently four positive resident cases and five staff cases. All visitors to Special Care will be required to wear enhanced Personal Protective Equipment. The screeners will assist with directing which PPE is required. Please ensure your mask and face shield remain on for the duration of your visit. Thank you so much for your continued participation and support through these challenging times.

January 20, 2023:

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season. There are no outbreaks declared at Fairhaven. There are, however, several outbreaks locally and we ask that everyone please delay their visit to Fairhaven if they are feeling unwell.

There is also a slight change in rapid testing process. We are no longer asking visitors to wait for their COVID-19 rapid test results, but in exchange you must remain masked for the first 20 mins if your visit. If 20 minutes have past and you have not been contacted by screeners, you may safely remove your mask if you are alone with a resident in their room as per the most recent guidance.

Please remember to clean your hands using the alcohol-based sanitizer provided for 15 seconds before you put on a mask. Thank you for doing your part to keep our home healthy!

Universal Masking:

Residents may now choose to visit with their loved ones unmasked. The visitor/family member must always remain in the resident’s room while unmasked. If a member of staff, or any other resident enters the room where there are unmasked visitors, the visitors must immediately don a mask. Masks must be worn in every other location within the home, including upon entry, while walking through the halls, and upon exiting the home.

While masks are not required by the province, we ask that you strongly consider wearing one for the duration of your visit, especially throughout the holiday season.

Food & Drink:

Residents may now also enjoy a meal or a snack/drink with a visitor while unmasked. Please follow the rules for universal masking as stated above. Food and Drink must be consumed in the resident’s room.

Outbreak Notes:

  1. Outbreaks will continue to occur at long-term care homes. Actual cases in the community are still at levels that dwarf the first several waves’ numbers. While vaccinations have clearly reduced the severity of illnesses in most cases, the fact remains that a high level of infections will continue into the foreseeable future due to the virus’s ability to mutate.
  2. Fairhaven’s responsibility is to detect all cases in Residents, staff and caregivers and confirm all of the cases required through PCR testing so that Peterborough Public Health recognizes them. Our home is committed to transparency, and we can guarantee that any COVID cases will be registered, regardless of whether this results in an outbreak or not. To do otherwise would understate community cases, put anyone entering Fairhaven at higher risk of infection, and would be contrary to Ministry of Long-Term Care COVID guidelines.
  3. The positive side of this infection prevention and control culture is that there is no more knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed staff (and Committee of Management), in the long-term care sector.
  4. We will continue to recognize outbreaks as soon as they occur so that we may “get to work” in ending them.

Thank you so much to our Fairhaven family members for your continued support.

New Executive Director Announcement – 14 Sept 2022

The Committee of Management wishes to announce that Ms. Nancy Rooney has been hired as the new Executive Director of Fairhaven and will join our team on October 4, 2022.

Nancy Rooney is an experienced Long Term Care Leader with a passion for excellence in seniors care. Over the past years, she has enjoyed a variety of roles including Senior Administrator, Administrator, Assistant Regional Director, Retirement Home Manager, and Program Manager; to name a few. Nancy is highly motivated and adaptable; which is key to her success in this ever-changing healthcare environment. She recently supported 9 homes within the Central East Region and ran a 192-bed long-term care facility in Scarborough. She is a zealous leader who has successfully led numerous key strategic initiatives in resident safety, quality outcomes, staff engagement etc.

Nancy is OANHSS Administrator certified, human resources trained, has a diploma in Activation and is an active member of the College of Nurses.

She is excited to be joining the organization and is looking forward to contributing to the continuum of excellence at Fairhaven.

Keith Riel
Chair, Committee of Management