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Fairhaven Family Communication – August 10, 2022 – Outbreak Declared

On August 7th, 2022 two cases of COVID were identified in Residents on Riverside 3. As of today, August 10th, there are three confirmed cases in Residents on this home area and all other Resident and staff tests are negative. It is still too early to project an expected end date for the outbreak, but I will pass that information on when it becomes available.

Fairhaven’s personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies and staffing levels are sufficient. Staff are cohorted and full PPE (including N95 masks), are being used.

One essential caregiver at a time will be allowed for each Resident on R4. Three visitors will be allowed for Residents, on this home area, that are deemed palliative. Any visitors that have loved ones on two different home areas will only be allowed to visit one home area each day.

COVID-19 Outbreak Notes:

  • Outbreaks will continue to occur at long-term care homes. Actual cases in the community are still at levels that dwarf the first several waves’ numbers. While vaccinations have clearly reduced the severity of illnesses in most cases, the fact remains that a high level of infections will continue into the foreseeable future due to the virus’s ability to mutate.
  • Fairhaven’s responsibility is to detect all cases in Residents, staff and caregivers and confirm all of the cases required through PCR testing so that Peterborough Public Health recognizes them. Our Home is committed to transparency, and we can guarantee that any COVID cases will be registered, regardless of whether this results in an outbreak or not. To do otherwise would understate community cases, put anyone entering Fairhaven at higher risk of infection, and would be contrary to Ministry of Long Term Care COVID guidelines.
  • The positive side of this infection prevention and control culture is that there is no more knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed staff (and Committee of Management), in the long-term care sector.
  • We will continue to recognize outbreaks as soon as they occur so that we may “get to work” in ending them

Thank you for the many hundreds of emails of support from family members over the past two years. Your continuous and undivided support has meant more than you could ever know to everyone at our Home.