There are 8 Resident Home Areas (RHAs) at Fairhaven. All RHAs have the same layout and design. Each RHA occupies 1 wing of each floor of the building. Each wing is laid out so that there is a further subdivision of the RHA into two distinct areas of 16 residents each. The areas are separated from each other by the common areas of the RHA, containing the dining room, servery, lounge , activity areas, as well as the staff workspace, the clean and soiled utility rooms and a resident spa.

This arrangement minimizes travel distances for residents. A modified loop corridor system with a central core containing a shower room for each group of 16 rooms allows an endless corridor walkway for residents. Each group of 16 residents has its own resident storage room, a room for equipment storage and a housekeeping closet.

Accommodation Mix

Each 32-bed RHA contains: 13 basic (standard) bedrooms

11 semi-private bedrooms

8 private bedrooms

Total for all RHAs 103 basic (standard) bedrooms

89 semi-private bedrooms

64 private bedrooms


Number of Floors

There are 2 Resident Home Areas on level 2, 3 and 4 and a central core of support spaces that is common to all 5 levels. The east wing steps down one storey, taking advantage of the slope of the site whereas the west wing steps up one story, creating 5 storeys.

Special Care Unit

One of the 2 ground-floor RHAs has been designated as a Special Care Unit, allowing residents living there to access secure landscaped outdoor space.

Number of Beds

Each of three floors accommodates 2 RHAs. Each RHA provides accommodation for 32 residents for a total of 256 beds. This is equal to Fairhaven’s current capacity.

Future Provisions

The site planning for the home makes provision for a future wing which, at 4-6 floors, could accommodate 128 to 192 more residents.

Outdoor Space

The site at Fairhaven is extremely attractive and pastoral with distant views to the south and to the Otonabee River on the east. Residents’ rooms take advantage of these views. Paved pathways with sitting areas extend out as part of the landscaping for the Home. Outdoor sitting areas are located near the main entrance lobby. Sheltered patios and decks are located on each floor adjacent to the resident lounges. The Special Care Unit has its own secure, fenced outdoor garden space which is fully visible from the dining and lounge areas, as well as from the care centre. The Westview 2 Dream Garden has a newly constructed picnic shelter that provides shade for up to 30 people. All outdoor areas provide a mix of sun and shade to allow for resident comfort at different times of the year.

Resident Rooms

All resident rooms have large windows with low sills to enhance views of the outside from a position in a chair or bed. The barrier free layout allows alternate bed placement within the room. Wardrobes are provided with a bar and shelf which can be adjusted to an ideal height for the resident.

All washrooms are wheelchair accessible and barrier free. Doors to bathrooms are sliding units, allowing full wheelchair access while increasing usable space. The bathroom toilet has grab bars on both sides and is placed on a 45-degree angle in the room, allowing staff to provide assistance from both sides. The sink extends out from the vanity for easy access and has lever handles. There is space for the individual storage of each resident’s personal items in their washroom.

Spa and Shower Rooms

Each RHA has a centrally located wheelchair-accessible spa room for bathing. It contains an adjustable therapeutic tub, fully equipped for long-term care use. It also has a hair-wash sink and a toilet. There is a small counter and storage space for linens and cleaning equipment. A panel of glass block is located on an outside wall to allow natural light into the bathroom without sacrificing privacy.

Each group of 16 resident rooms has a centrally located wheelchair-accessible shower room (two shower rooms in total for each RHA). Each shower room has a sink and a toilet with a counter and storage area as in the spa room.

Common Areas

The dining area is located in the centre of the RHA. The adjacent servery is located so that it provides easy access at meal time. There are two lounge areas on the far sides of the dining room that open up to the dining area, providing a larger space for special functions. The lounges and dining areas have large windows that open to outdoor patios and balconies. These ares are located adjacent to the centrally located care centre for easy supervision. An activity room with large windows is located near the dining and lounge areas. The intent of the design is to provide individual areas that can accommodate separate activities and can also be used for private family functions in the RHA when desired.