Guidelines for Visitors

1.  Please come to visit often.  Many residents retire early so please visit quietly after 8:30 p.m.

 2.  When young children come with you to visit, please do not let them run around in the halls.  It is fun for them, but dangerous for us. Please be aware of electric wheelchairs. Please bring toys for them to play with while they are here.

 3.  If there are more than two visitors for a resident who is sharing a room, it would be appreciated if you could visit in a lounge, the cafe, a dining room, the Great Room, or the Worship Centre.

 4.  When you bring your pets to visit, please remember to ask permission before approaching a resident or entering their room.  Keep your dog on a leash and do not take your pet into the Dining Rooms. Refer to policy AXI b.1 or the Resident Handbook

 5.  This is our home.  Please show respect while you are here.

Mutual Respect

At Fairhaven we work hard to ensure that residents, visitors and staff enjoy an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Physical or verbal abuse of staff, residents, family members or visitors will not be tolerated, any person who verbally or physically threatens or attacks another person, or harms Fairhaven property may be reported to the police


Prepared by Fairhaven Resident Advisory Council: December 1995

Revised: October 1999, May 2003, December 2011, January 2015