Fairhaven Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey

Positive feedback from Fairhaven residents and family members, about the care and services provided, is the best indicator of quality that the Home and its employees can receive.

Our Process

Fairhaven is very interested in receiving comments and suggestions on how improvements can be made.  There is an annual survey for residents and their families or representatives in the fall give everyone the opportunity to provide a rating based upon their experience, priorities and preferences. The questions are developed with input from residents and families or representatives.

A working group is established with members from each department.  This group is mandated to consider the feedback from the survey in order to prepare an action plan which responds to the identified needs.  This Action Plan is shared with the leadership team and then work begins according the timelines and responsible employees.

Action Plan for 2022

Following the 2022 Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey, the working group created this complete action plan, provided below:

2022 Action Plan for Resident Survey